Hanson – This Time Around

Artist: Hanson
Title: This Time Around
Label: Mercury
Rating: 7/10

Track #

1. You Never Know

Taylor really gets to show his stuff.

2. If Only

– John Popper jumps in on harmonica. The song is nicely crafted and proves these boys have started to mature.

3. This Time Around

– Starts with a beautiful piano intro and Taylor leading you helplessly into a sizable chorus. The maturity may make their prepubescent listeners restless, but they might score with some older folks who’ve shrugged them off in the past.

4. Runaway Run – Didn’t quite know what to make of this track. It started to sound mediocre. Once you forget that these were the little mmmboppers, you might be able to enjoy them as a rock ‘n’ roll band.

5. Save Me For once, a ballad that isn’t typically slow and boring. Taylor’s voice sounds beautifully gritty.

6. Dying To Be Alive – Typical ballad.

7. Can’t Stop – Speedy without sounding like it’s running away from you. The track is something I’d never expect to hear from Hanson, and that is what makes it so good. The diversity is great to hear as well as unexpected.

8. I Wish I was There Okay.

9. Love Song – Isaac gets the mic on this track and pulls off the bittersweet tale well. I’ve had my doubts on his vocal prowess, but he makes up for it.

10. Sure About It The wordplay seems like something that comes out of the Beatles’ catalog as they sing, ‘I’m definitely sure that I’m not sure.’ Regardless of the title, the song works and the chorus is fabulous.

11. Hand In Hand Okay.

12. In The City – My favorite track on the album is mixed with some straight-ahead rock. Then there is the question of the hour: ‘Do you love me?’ This will surely get their girl fans frothing.

13. A Song To Sing – The most beautiful track you may ever hear from the brothers Hanson. Nothing but the frail piano to push them on, but even without the twinkle of the keys, I’m certain this track would still sound lush and harmonious.

Hanson impressed me by going rock instead of staying in neutral and pushing out a pop album. I’m going to have to hide from all of my friends after they read this review. So I’ll admit this is a good album, even though I may never live down that admission.

+ charlatan

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