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face mob

Everything that Scarface has attempted in rap music has been a success — from his early beginnings as a member of the infamous Geto Boys to his platinum solo platters. Face has always remained at the top of his profession. But, what some may not be aware of is that besides being a pinpoint lyricist and masterful storyteller, he’s also a gifted producer. “Since I began in this rap game, I’ve always wanted an opportunity to flex my production skills, that’s been hidden over the years.” Finally, Face gets that chance. Over the past year, Face has been spending his time guiding and creating music for a new rap supergroup. His hard work is paying off with the stellar 1996 debut, The Otherside Of The Law from his crew, Facemob, a collection of 5 rappers from 5 different states.

350 is the lone female of the crew, a fiery songstress who can get as hard-core as any male MC on the mic. The Cleveland born sista met Face backstage at a show he was doing in the area. She hit him with her demo tape and Face was taken back. “I listened to the tape in my car as I was driving back to the hotel after the show and I was like ‘This girl’s on some other shit.’ She wasn’t like any other female MC I’d ever heard.”

DMG, a six foot two St. Paul native released his first album, “Rigormortiz” in 1993 on RAL, selling 90k units. In 1990 he met Face in Minnesota under similar circumstances as 350. “DMG came up to my hotel room with his tape and I was like ‘if this tape is wack, I’m going to throw you out my hotel room,’ ” Face recalls. “But it was dope and I took a liking to him.”

The silky smooth voiced Devin is originally from Florida and was a member of the Rap A Lot group Odd Squad before joining FaceMob. Face reveals, “What I like about Devin is that he delivers his rhymes like no one else. He’s funny and he can rap and switch up and sing too.”

Face’s childhood homie, Smit-D from 5th Ward was pursuing another goal before Face helped convince him that he was good enough to rap for a living. Smit-D was an exceptional athlete who excelled in college basketball before deciding to pursue a career in the music business.

Rounding out the crew, is the Chicago based “talent show” veteran Chi-ray, who was the original member of FaceMob. The five were placed together at Face’s Hippy House studios and began to get to know each other for the first time. “That’s how I was taught by James (Smith CEO Rap-A-Lot) on how to collaborate with people. He would take us somewhere and leave us and we would eventually vibe and come together as a group” said Face.

Throughout their debut, FaceMob’s music has a common theme–the struggle of black people in America. Face emphasizes, “the only way we as black people can move forward [is] if we’re just given a chance. A lot of talented artists don’t come out because they don’t get a chance. That’s all I asked for when I was coming up–a chance.

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