Endo – Evolve

Artist: Endo
Title: Evolve
Label: Columbia
Rating: 5/10

Miami is the backdrop for the heavy Endo. From “Leave Us Alone” through “Penicillin”, you get lost in the licks that seem to be repeating.

“G.A.D.” is too much Limp Bizkit to be taken seriously as their own. “Listen” is not much more than a Marilyn Manson chip shot. Musically Endo can push out the jams well, but are they reading from a tablature book or are they making original compositions? Original to a point, but how far can they take it? I don’t know. “Suffer” is more original, but still they haven’t proven they have their own voice, style, or substance. As I say this, “Malice” comes in with signature Rage Against The Machine chops, completely ripping them off. I’m sour.

Endo comes off too much as a clone. They borrow liberally from everything and anything that works. Endo seems to think that by taking from all those things that the world has already loved, adored, and absorbed, they’ll have a winning combo. Wrong. It sounds too unoriginal to be enjoyed.

+ rae gun

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