Principle Personel:

E (aka Mark Oliver Everett): vocals, guitar, Mellotron, Clavinet, piano,
baritone guitar, Wurlitzer, etc.
Butch: drums & percussion.
John Parish: guitars, drums, percussion, Stylophone, keyboards, melodica,
Koool G Murder: bass, synthesizer, Clavinet.
Joe Gore: guitar

Produced by E & John Parish
(+4 songs Produced by E alone)

Written by E & John Parish
except FRESH FEELING written by E/Murder
SOULJACKER part I written by E/Butch/Adam

Recorded in bits and pieces, March 1999 – May 2001. The bulk of the recording
was in January, 2001.

Most recording done in E’s Los Angeles basement studio, OneHitsville, U.S.A.
other recording at John Parish’s Honorsound studio, Bristol, England.

In May, 2001 EELS leader E stated “In a show of good faith, we are reching
out with hands across the water. There are English bands and there are
American bands. With a funky Englishman named John Parish in the band, we
have become the world’s band. We are the world. And the world rocks.”

EELS albums on Dreamworks Records:


EELS live album:
OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNING (2000, Eworks Records)

E albums on Polydor Records:

John Parish selected discography:

PJ HARVEY – To Bring You My Love
JOHN PARISH & POLLY JEAN HARVEY – Dance Hall at Louse Point
ROSIE – original soundtrack
GIANT SAND – Chore of Enchantment
SPARKLEHORSE – It’s A Wonderful Life

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1992: release of A MAN CALLED E (Polydor). Single “Hello Cruel World” is a
top ten alternative hit. E tours with Tori Amos.

1993: release of BROKEN TOY SHOP (polydor). E records “Novocaine For The
Soul” which is not released until 1996.

1995: E starts to work under the name EELS. Forms live band comprised of
himself, drummer Butch (aka Jonathan Norton) and bassist Tommy Walters.

1996: Release of BEAUTIFUL FREAK album. “Novocaine For The Soul” is a number
one alternative hit in the U.S. Other singles to follow: “Susan’s House”,
“Rags To Rags” and “Your Lucky Day In Hell.”

1997: EELS tour the U.S. with Lucious Jackson and the last Lollapalooza .
Contribute “Bad news” to Wim Wenders’ film THE END OF VIOLENCE. EELS
nominated for 3 MTV video awards. Win Brit Award for Best International
Newcomer. Spinal Tap gives the award to EELS. Butch later turns the award
into a cymbal stand for his drumset.

1998: His father having died in 1982, his sister having commited suicide in
1996, his mother being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 1997, E records
the album ELECTRO-SHOCK BLUES. Guests include T-Bone Burnett, Jon Brion and
Mike Simpson of the Dust Bros. Videos for “Last Stop: This Town” and “Cancer
For The Cure” are nominated for more MTV awards. Touring continues with
Bassist Adam Siegel now joining the band.

1999: Contribute “Cancer For The Cure” to AMERICAN BEAUTY film. DAISIES OF
THE GALAXY album is written and recorded.

2000: release of DAISIES OF THE GALAXY. Guests include Peter Buck of R.E.M.
and Grant Lee Phillips of Grant Lee Buffalo. First single, “Mr. E’s Beautiful
Blues” is a hidden track on the CD. The new 6 piece EELS ORCHESTRA 2000,
featuring honorary EEL and former EELS support act Lisa Germano, tours
Europe, America and Australia. E tours solo with Fiona Apple in the U.S. The
band contibutes “Christmas Is Going To The Dogs” to “How The Grinch Stole

2001: The bulk of the recording for SOULJACKER is done. Along the way several
other records are recorded. SOULJACKER is released August 2001.




Maybe I should explain a few things about the origins of SOULJACKER. People
keep asking me “what is a souljacker?”

Originally the press coined the term “Soul Jacker” for an American serial
killer in the 1990s that claimed to not only kill, but also steal the souls
of his victims. This is not his story.

But I was very interested in this idea, that someone could take your soul.

During the recording of the EELS record ELECTRO-SHOCK BLUES, I did something
I never would normally do, but I was going through a lot and needed a break.
I went to a meditation retreat and did not speak, read or write for ten days.

During these ten days I began to think about this idea of stealing a soul on
a larger scale. It seemed to me that there were just too many distractions
and that people were losing their souls because they had no way of knowing
what they had in the first place. How can you keep what you don’t know you

I then realized that no one can take your soul if you know what you have and
you don’t want them to. I wrote the song that became SOULJACKER part II in my
head during these 10 days. Breaking the retreat’s rule about not writing
anything, I would go to the outdoor bathroom and use the pencil for bathroom
cleaning duty sign-up, and write the words on toilet paper, hiding it
whenever someone came in.

Later we wrote SOULJACKER part I, which is about the ugliness of a soulless
life. And then came all the other characters in this world that make up

Just thought I should explain. It’s really a beautiful thing. Thanks.

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